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Continuing Education

The KCA places great importance on being a resource for education to its members. The best Doctors are the most educated. Not only is continuing education (CE) a requirement for license, it allows for better procedures and practices. The KCA is bringing CE to you. We are working to make CE more impactful and more economic for our members.

Upcoming CE Schedule

A successful practice is built has many attributes. Exceptional patient care, incredible customer service, great marketing, and solid accounting practices are but a few. The KCA wants to help our members grow strong successful practices. The KCA has access to professionals in every facet of your business. We can direct you to the experts and help you grow.

The KCA is also working to become you first resource in all things chiropractic. We are developing a best practices and case study library for the members to have the resources they need. If you would like to submit case studies or best practices to the KCA please click the link below.

Want to know how other Doctors are doing? Ask questions, find discussions, and more information at the Doctor’s Forum.